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Seeking, creating, and maintaining love and intimacy is a bold and vulnerable adventure. Relationships can feel unpredictable and overwhelming as we integrate another's life into our own, as we blend stories and desires, meld perspectives, and attempt to create a balance of harmony and passion in our lives.  Satisfaction in love tends to deteriorate over time, compounded by stress, work, children, and the absence of novelty in long-term relationships. Passion requires some uncertainty, but long-term love depends on security and these needs can feel at odds.  We are changed by the people we love and by those who love us. Our nervous systems are literally designed through the relationships that have forged our capacity for love — for attaching and bonding with one another. People have an inherent need to belong and true intimacy requires us to tolerate differences while also knowing how to have our deepest needs met by another.


Just as we have practices that strengthen our bodies, we need practices that strengthen our hearts — our ability to tolerate and regulate our emotions, our interactions with others, and our capacity for authentic intimacy.  


At the Colorado Couples Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you rebuild your love, which means using RELATIONSHIP as a practice to stretch and strengthen your heart and to learn to tolerate the whole heart of your partner. We see the breakdown of relationship not as a failure but as the platform for necessary growth and evolution to occur, because it is when things fall apart — when we become broken — that we recognize the need to change. 

The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  ~ Rumi

Our approach


Colorado Couples Clinic is dedicated to integrating advanced science and unique relational experiences to support people in cultivating the most rewarding relationships possible. Based on research in intimacy and neurobiology, we know how to help people “reorganize” the way the nervous system responds to relational stress and cultivate what research has shown to be the skills that are crucial for rewiring ineffective relational habits. Our integrative approach to developing healthy relationships is based on decades of empirical data and focuses first and foremost on each individual’s untapped and inherent wisdom. In an effort to bridge the gap from rational understanding to rewiring relational habits from the inside out, our approach is threefold:


1. Through psycho-education, we enhance your understanding of advancements in neurobiology as well as experiential learning — practices that have proven successful at helping to “recondition” relational habits — and help you integrate them into your life.


2. We provide in-depth support based in attachment, neurobiology, mindfulness, and trauma-informed care to form an approach that examines the complex dynamics that manifest in our most intimate relationships. 


3. Finally, Colorado Couples Clinic builds a foundation of trust with each person with whom we have the privilege to work. We honor the innate wisdom of personal experience and perspective so that we cultivate healthy relational habits from the ground up.

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We at the Colorado Couples Clinic understand that finding the right therapist to support your most personal, intimate work is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer a free phone consultation so that we can understand your needs and explore whether or not we are a good fit for your therapeutic goals.

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