Rewire: three-Week Relationship skills Class

Rewiring Relational Habits From the Inside Out

Old relational habits tend to persist because they are woven into the fabric of internal states that are automatically activated in daily living. These habits are often felt to be beyond our conscious control. There’s a reason for this, and Rewire can be a powerful way to not only understand what needs to change, but literally "reorganize" the automatic responses that we have in relationship.


Rewire is a three-week class that will help you to identify internal states that perpetuate distress, “rewire” these states for more flexibility, translate understanding into integrated practices, and activate alternate states which support attitudes and behaviors necessary for the type of intimacy that most of us crave. This class will translate the most recent advances in neurobiology and the science of intimate relationships into practical strategies for helping you improve your relationships from the inside out. 


This class is for both individuals and couples, and is open to participants of varying ages, genders and sexual identity, relational status, and cultural origins. While the class is focused primarily on "intimate partner habits," the skills learned are applied to all relationships, including family, work, and social relationships.  The curriculum is based on the PEX (Pragmatic/Experiential) Method for Improving Relationships, developed by Dr. Brent J. Atkinson, author of Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy:  Advances in neurobiology and the science of intimate relationships. I've trained with Dr. Atkinson extensively since 2004 and provide advanced trainings for mental health professionals in this approach.  Rewire relationship classes provide an open, engaging, and non-judgmental place to learn new skills and practice them while receiving helpful support and feedback from class facilitators and other group participants. 


Through psycho-education and practice, you will learn:

•    What separates people who have successful relationships from those who don't.

•    How to develop and practice the skills that will ensure you are equipped to create and maintain a healthy, thriving, intimate partnership.

•    Awareness of your habitual “wired in” responses that have proven ineffective in your previous relationships.

•    How to regulate internal emotions that lead to destructive styles of relating.

•    How to stand up for yourself in your relationship, without putting your partner down.

•    How to effectively get your needs met in relationship, with respect and integrity.

•    To identify the internal “signals” that are related to habitual ways that each partner contributes to relationship dysfunction. 

•    How to short-circuit internal states that sabotage your ability to think and act in ways that are necessary for intimacy to thrive. 

•    How to stimulate internal states that naturally lead to more intimacy and connection.

•    To develop the motivation and ability to do this on your own.

During each Rewire class, participants will learn step-by-step methods to learn to identify how and where they are personally getting off-track, “rewire” their own emotional states for more flexibility, and activate intimacy states, which support attitudes and behaviors necessary for relationship success.


“Angie's REWIRE class gives you all the skills and knowledge you need to create a truly vibrant and love filled relationship. It doesn't matter what your challenges are, what your astrological compatibility is, your Ennneagram type, or what your childhood was like—if you can master the skills and sensibilities she teaches, you will get your life and love back!”

~ Jamie Brennan MA, LPC,

“Angie has found her calling. This is exactly what she should be doing. I went to her Rewire- Relationship Skills class. Her kind and genuinely caring manner and approach makes it easy to learn and hear what she is teaching. She is very skilled and is truly impressive to observe. I still have practice to do “strength training for the heart”, as she calls it. But the information is clear and really makes sense. We joked in our class that, “if we just had an app with Angie’s words,” it would be so easy. And come to find out, she really does have recordings available to help practice during those challenging situations. 
I highly recommend this class.”

~ Amy Tanner

“Angie Tsiatsos Phillips is the real deal. What you see is what you get. Angie walks what she talks. No gimmicks. No wasted time. Just straight-forward, no-nonsense, step-by-step relationship guidance -- offered in a way that goes down easy. For over a decade, I’ve witnessed first-hand Angie’s extraordinary ability to zero in on the core issues that trouble intimate partners, lead them out of dark places, and put them on firmer ground. If you want a better relationship, Angie knows how to get you there. She makes it her business to keep abreast of the latest research and scientific discoveries about relationships, and she has studied under the most well-recognized therapists in the field of couples counseling. Denver, you are lucky to have her! ‘
~ Brent J. Atkinson, Ph.D.
--Author of Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy: Advances from Neurobiology and the Science of Intimate Relationships, and Developing Habits for Relationship Success.
--Professor Emeritus of Marriage and Family Therapy, Northern Illinois University
--Co-founder of The Couples Clinic in Geneva, Illinois.

“This class is essential for every relationship (three month to 30+ years!)” ~ Participant

“The class was incredibly insightful and a life-line toward building a healthy relationship with my partner. I am excited and encouraged to implement the skills and lessons I learned from Angie!” ~ Participant

This class meets quarterly, beginning the first Tuesday of June, September, December, and March. each class is 2 hours long from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The class consists of the instructor, co-facilitator, and up to 12 participants. The cost is $280 per person for the entire three-week segment. (Financial assistance may be available by request).  For more information or to sign up:


AfroCaribe: Dance Workshops & Classes

“For many of us, there is no form of self-expression that makes us feel more vulnerable than dancing. It is literally full-body vulnerability.” ~ Brené Brown

Moving our bodies, expressively through space — taking up space — is a bold and courageous way to be known, to be seen, and to share our inner worlds with others. I have always felt passionately that our bodies are vehicles for sharing our lives and whether we embody fear, rage, eroticism, awkwardness, wanting, sadness, playfulness… we can be intimately known through exploring and sharing our unique movement through dance--one of the deepest needs of the human spirit.

AfroCaribe is a form of "fitness-dance" that I have taught since 2010, and through this dance form, my goal is to support participants in cultivating the capacity to express their authentic natures, "metabolize" emotion, and connect with others through engaging, expressive, energetic movement.  

For more information about classes and workshops, please use the form on the contact page and share your interest.  

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